Worgen Experience Level 1-10 in WoW


The quality of gameplay and fast paced storyline will make leveling a new character better than ever.his guide is a complete walkthrough of every quest that you need to complete to go from level 1-10.You can Buy WoW Gold Cheap and read more information of WoW on our site.


The Worgen experience begins in the city of Gilneas.You are playing as a human and are immediately thrust into a fight inside the city against Worgen invaders in the Merchant district of the city.

Merchant Square

Lockdown- Find Lieutenant Walden in the northwestern end of the Merchant Square.You'll find his corpse on the ground.

Something's Amiss-Return to Prince Liam Greymane in the Merchant Square with news of Walden's death.

All Hell Breaks Loose -Slay 8 Rampaging Worgen, they're everywhere

Salvage the Supplies-Salvage 4 Supply Crates.These look like brown boxes and can be found on the ground throughout the Merchant Square.

Evacuate the Merchant Square - Evacuate 4 Civilian Homes.You can do this by clicking on the doors of the homes.


The screen shakes as you turn in Leader of the Pack and when you emerge from the storm cellar you are greeted with much different scenery than you were expecting.Most of the area surrounding the bay is now underwater, the Undead fleet is sunk and their forces are dead or underwater.You are immediately commanded by Prince Liam Greymane to help rescue his drowning troops.If you are looking for cheap wow gold,our site is your best choice.

As the Land Shatters - Speak with Prince Liam Greymane at the Allen Farmstead.

Gasping for Breath - Prince Liam wants you to rescue 4 Drowning Watchmen. You'll have to swim underwater in the murkey ocean waters and find them then carry them to the shore one at a time.

Evacuation - Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven for evacuation instructions.

The Crowley Orchard - Evacuate Lorna Crowley at the orchard to the southeast.

Apparitions in the Orchard - Investigate the Crowley Orchard. There's a blue spectral wolf in the middle of the trees to the east that you need to speak with.

The Hungry Ettin - Bring 5 Mountain Horses to Lorna Crowley at the Crowley Orchard. Once you get one horse by jumping on it you can 'lasso' other horses by pressing "1" when you've got them targeted. You can bring in 5 horses at once this way.Watch out for the Ettin though, he is very dangerous.

The Hayward Brothers - Evacuate the Hayward Brothers! Their fishery is southeast of Duskhaven.

Not Quite Shipshape - Sebastian Hayward wants you to obtain Planks of Wood, Coal Tar, and Shipwrights Tools. The tools are in the house to the south of his boat, the planks of wood and tar are also to the south around the fishery and are visible from Sebastian's boat.

Washed Up - Kill 6 Forsaken Castaways, they're all over the area by the fishery.

Grandma Wahl - Grandma Wahl at the Wahl Cottage needs to be evacuated, head there next.

Grandma's Lost It Alright-ind the Linen-Wrapped Book! It's located just southeast of the cottage near the fence.

Grandma's Cat - Grandma wants you to find her cat Chance. It's located on a rock northeast of her cottage. When you try to pick it up you'll be attacked by a Forsaken that you'll have to kill to get the cat back.If you want to buy wow gold,our site is your best choice.

Escape By Sea - Return to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven.

To Greymane Manor-Duskhaven is safe any the King's forces are in disarray; head to Greymane Manor and speak with Queen Mia Greymane there.

Stormglen Village

Pest Control - Kill 6 Vilebrood Skitterers in Stormglen.These can be found in the center and east areas of the town as well as in the area north of town.

Pieces of the Past-Pick up 6 Old Journal Pages from the ground in the center of Stormglen Village.

Queen-Sized Troubles - Slay the spider Rygna at Rygna's Lair northeast of Stormglen Village. Despite looking intimidating this creature is a pushover.

The Blackwald - Head to the Lumber Mill north of Stormglen.

Losing Your Tail - Walk down the path north of Belrysa until you get trapped in ice.When you do,use the Talisman you were given to free yourself and then kill the Dark Scout.Now buying wow gold enjoy your game life.

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