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Now, the most important festival is coming for all the chinese and eastern countries. The holiday their called Spring-Festival. Most of people will have a long holiday without any work, incluing stopping producing gold or proving other services. The prices of game currency and other services including WOW gold and Aion Kinah, has already been raised 20%. Prediction says the price would be continuously raised in the next 4 weeks and the price may be raised to 200% to current price.

When other people are ready to enjoy their time and share their happiness in Spring Festival, our work team including our service department and delivery department will act like always. We devoted to send fast WOW gold, Aion Kinah and other items. Our customers aren't only recevie what gold you buy, but also you can get extra free gold during the holiday. During this special period, many of our suppliers would have their vacation, we strived to contact every supplier to continue supplying us to ensure a smoothly and effective delivery of every piece of order. So the price would be stable on our website in the next few days. Unfortunately we are unable to remain the price at the vacation time, the only thing we could do is to provide the cheapest and fastest service at this moment. During the long vacation of suppliers, the ETA of gold and service may be a little longer but we shall complete the orders in the quickest time.

Make the purchase in our website you can get 10% free gold based on your order amount with our cheap price! It is TOTALLY FREE GOLD! It can be used in most of our blocks, like WOW gold, Warhammer gold, FFXI Gil.

Not only WOW Gold, the bonus would certainly be useful in other games currency orders like Aion Kinah and FFXI Gil.

"Gong xi fa cai”( A good Chinese saying means make a big future) in your game life!

To receive your FREE bonus, you would only copy the Bonus Code blow by a simple click and paste it on where it's required to be filled in during you make an order to Buy WOW Gold.

By using our recommended trade mode "put into my account", you will totally receive 15% gold for free on your order with the cheapest gold.


10% Bonus Code

Gift 201102


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