World of Warcraft Mount Tips Part1


Do you get the finest WOW mount at your current level? Mounts are going to cost you some WOW money and its worthy, because with an awesome amount your gaming is much easier. And it will speed up your World of Warcraft gold making work, quest completing process. Here are some WOW mount tips you may pay attention to when you playing it.

1. Hit the space bar (jump) to climb vertically in the air, much like a Harrier jet. Once in the air, you can control your flying mount exactly the same way as a land mount, with the additional element of going up and down. While flying or swimming the 'X' key will make you move down.

2. The normal flying mounts increase your speed in land and air by 60% in World of Warcraft. This is slower than the ground speed of an epic land mount, which increases speed by 100%. While the normal flying mount may seem a worse option than the epic land mount, keep in mind that you can simply fly over most enemies, as well as over impassable or rough terrain such as in Blade's Edge Mountains. This can save considerable travel time over an epic land mount.

3. There are some highlights for each class. The Paladin can travel faster while using the Crusader Aura speed buff. The Death Knight can travel faster with the talent "On a Pale Horse." This is a 20% boost to land and flying mount speed.

4. You cannot remount if you get off your flying mount while in the air, because you are moving. You will have to land (hopefully at a non-fatal speed) before you can get on your mount again.

5. Along those lines, if you get off your mount while too high, hopefully you have a device or spell that will slow you down, such as Slow Fall, Levitate, or an engineering device.

6. For aerial daredevils, you can try to dismount and attack other players in-air- again, hopefully you have some way of slowing your fall after your combat maneuver.

7. When you are with your mount at deep water, you can dismount from any height without suffering any damage or death as long as you are over deep water. If the water is too shallow, you will suffer damage or die, depending on how high you are when you dismount. It's fun to sky dive in World of Warcraft.

8. Most forms of crowd control abilities, such as Polymorph, Fear, and even the Discombobulator Ray (awww) do not work against players on flying mounts.

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