WoW Ranged Weapons Get Buff to Boost Hunter DPS


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Ranged Weapons Get Buff to Boost Hunter DPS

World of Warcraft developers have implemented a buff to ranged weapon damage in an attempt to boost hunter DPS, which the team felt was "too low." According to the announcement, "Bows, crossbows and guns of item level 226 or higher (which means weapons from Kel'Thuzad, Ulduar and the Furious Gladiator pieces) will do around 30 more dps. This should translate to a hunter damage increase of a few percent."

Hunter DPS will also be receiving another buff in the next couple of weeks that hasn't been announced yet. Maybe you will get WoW EU Gold easier. These updates are being implemented because the team's proposed plan to change how ammo works was too ambitious to complete by 3.1, and hunters haven't been able to upgrade their ammo since the launch of Wrath of the Lich King. So according to the post, "this change basically incorporates the ammo damage into the weapons -- as you get better ranged weapons, it's as if you got better ammo to go along with them."

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