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Our WOWGoldStudio website are still doing our best to up to date information about World of Warcraft. Additionally,we are offer cheap Warcraft Gold to player. If you are trying to gather gold in wow, you can buy it from our website. Let us look at some information about  Discipline Priests.


Choosing the Discipline tree requires you to go deep into the tree,and it also leaves you less wiggle room spec wise than any Holy Priest.This is because some of the best talents available to the Discipline priest are located in the lower tiers of the tree.

Some must haves in the tree are Grace, Pain Suppression, Rapture, Borrowed Time, Penance, Aspiration, and Divine Aegis, however, almost all the talents in the Discipline tree are excellent.Think long and hard before dropping any of the talents at the bottom of the tree and if you must look at doing so from the 7th tier first.The Discipline tree truly is filled with awesome talents, however, there are a few that you should not take including: Martyrdom, Silent Resolve, Imp Mana Burn, Reflective Shield, and Focused Will.

Item Stats

Discipline Priests will be on the lookout for basically the same stats as Holy Priests. while they may be looking for the same general stats, how these stats are valued is vastly different.

Intellect is a major player for the Disc Priest,for basically the same reason a Holy Priest would value it. The more Intellect you can accumulate, the bigger your mana pool and the more it increases your mana regen. It also raises your critical strike rating to proc Divine Aegis and Inspiration and increases the mana regeneration you will receive from Rapture. Or you can use WoW Gold to enhance it.Picking up as much Intellect as possible is advised.

Spellpower is next on the list and is just as important as Intellect for the Discipline Priest. Spellpower will dictate how much you can heal for, and in turn dictates how large your Divine Aegis shield ends up being. Discipline Priests who choose to spec into Borrowed Time will gain even more from Spellpower as a Priest without it. Overall, Spellpower is one of those stats you just can't go wrong with.

Critical Strike is very important for the Disc Priest and can almost be compared to Spirit for the Holy Priest. Most of the Disc Priest's spells work based off of crit, most notably Divine Aegis. As such Disc Priests should stack this stat as much as possible. There is very little reason to stop stacking crit, and a good Disc Priest should be able to pull close to 40% with decent gear.

Spirit and MP5 are rather low on the list of stats for the Discipline Priest, but they are not completely worthless. In general a Discipline Priest will probably find themselves valuing MP5 a little more highly than Spirit, but overall these stats do basically the same thing, increase your mana regen. Both stats can be found on most gear you pick up and you will find yourself with plenty of both.Gemming for either of these stats is not required.

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